Europe must retain control of its energy security

Op-Ed co-authored by U.S. Ambassadors to Germany, Richard Grenell, to Denmark, Carla Sands and to the EU, Gordon Sondland. This article was originally published in Deutsche Welle . The Nord Stream 2 pipeline will drastically increase Russia’s energy leverage over the EU. Such a scenario is dangerous for the bloc and the West as a whole, say ...
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Remarks by DAS Sandra Oudkirk, Bureau of Energy Resources, at Martens Centre in Brussels

Deputy Assistant Secretary Sandra Oudkirk’s Remarks at Martens Centre Event: Economics vs. Geopolitics? Nord Stream 2, Ukraine, and Europe’s Energy Security Brussels, March 20, 2018 Energy security is fundamental to the stability of our transatlantic relationship; it’s fundamental to U.S. national security and economic prosperity for all of us. It’s a critical component of achieving ...
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Ambassador Gardner’s Remarks to the Greens/ EFA

There are several reasons why I am pleased to be here today. I grew up believing in the fundamental importance of green issues – including the danger of climate change and the importance of protecting our environment. I heard about these issues nearly every day around the dinner table because my father, a professor of ...
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