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Statement from Ambassador Ronald Gidwitz, Acting U.S. Representative to the EU
June 4, 2020

Since its inception, the United States has sought to promote equality and the rule of law, both at home and abroad. As the civil rights demonstrations in my hometown of Chicago in the 1960s showed us, America has long struggled to live up to our ideals and to treat all our citizens equally.

The tragic death of George Floyd is a heartbreaking reminder that we have yet to achieve our goal of equal protection for all under the law. We grieve for Mr. Floyd, his family, and his community. The United States justice system will seek accountability for his death, including through investigations at the federal and state level.

The United States remains committed to the core values of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly for all peoples. When citizens anywhere exercise these democratic rights, we grow stronger as nations and as global communities.