Secretary Pompeo: On the Occasion of Europe Day

The U.S. and EU flags, left and right, fly side by side at the European Council building in Brussels, Tuesday Feb. 22, 2005. U.S. President George W. Bush is pressing his agenda for a refurbished trans-Atlantic alliance at back-to-back summits with NATO and the European Union. (AP Photo/Virginia May

Press Statement
Mike Pompeo
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
May 9, 2018

On Europe Day, we send our congratulations to the citizens of the European Union. The United States recognizes the EU as one of our closest partners on our most important objectives abroad.

For decades, the EU has collaborated with the U.S. on a host of international challenges.

The United States is grateful for the EU’s enduring friendship.

The U.S.-EU relationship arises from a shared history and a common civilization grounded in democratic values, strong economic ties, and mutual commitment to transatlantic security.

Europe and the world are safer when the EU acts proactively to address common threats facing the West.