Global Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Online

U.S.-EU Joint Statement

The EU and the US, at their ministerial meeting on 20 and 21 June 2012, have agreed to enhance efforts against child sexual abuse online.  Such abuse includes the distribution and trade of child pornography via the Internet, and the resulting, continuing harm to the victims depicted.  We call upon governments around the world to participate in building a Global Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Online.

Child sexual abuse online, a substantial problem worldwide, is a crime that is ubiquitous and knows no borders.  Child pornography images circulate easily across jurisdictions, and efforts to reduce such circulation have failed to produce satisfactory results to date.  Child pornography offenders are increasingly operating in international online groups that use sophisticated technologies and security protocols to frustrate the efforts of law enforcement to investigate their crimes.  Different laws and policies across jurisdictions also have created law enforcement vulnerabilities that these international offenders are exploiting.  Therefore, we need to act together to successfully confront the problem.

The Global Alliance will seek to unite countries around the world behind a set of shared goals:

  • Enhancing efforts to identify victims, whose sexual abuse is depicted in child pornography, and ensuring their assistance, support and protection;
  • Reducing the availability of child pornography online and the re-victimization of children;
  • Enhancing efforts to investigate cases of child sexual abuse online and to identify and prosecute offenders;
  • Increasing public awareness of the risks posed by children’s activities online, including the self-production of images, in order to reduce the production of new child pornography.

We invite partners from around the world to join the Global Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Online.