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Energy, Environment and Climate

North Americans Put Forward Proposal to Cut HFCs

Secretary Kerry speaks on climate change at the Atlantic Council (State Dept.)

Secretary Kerry speaks on climate change at the Atlantic Council.

On May 15, the United States, Canada, and Mexico submitted an amendment to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer to phase down the production and consumption of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which are highly potent greenhouse gases being used as replacements for substances being phased out under the Montreal Protocol. The North American proposal calls on all countries to take action to reduce their consumption and production of HFCs. If adopted, the amendment could yield benefits through 2050 of over 90 gigatons of carbon dioxide-equivalent reductions, roughly equal to two years of current global annual anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases.

 the Obama Administration is unveiling the third U.S. National Climate Assessment—the most comprehensive scientific assessment ever generated of climate change and its impacts across every region of America and major sectors of the U.S. economy.
The findings in this National Climate Assessment underscore the need for urgent action to combat the threats from climate change, protect American citizens and communities today, and build a sustainable future for our kids and grandkidssustainable future for our kids and grandkids. (See the Fact Sheet)